About the company

 Vien Tin Ltd. is a company specializing in the field of river transport, waterway barge with the main route from Vietnam to Cambodia and vice versa.

 These items are shipped dry goods such as fertilizer, wheat, cassava, rice ... 

Our services include:

Carriage of goods by sea.
Customs procedure for goods and vehicles at the border.
- Service delivery.
With the motto "top prestige", we have freight for major brands such as Five Star Fertilizer, Fertilizer ... and get the trust from a lot of other partners.
Our team of experienced and enthusiastic we will advise, resolve customer issues quickly and most reasonable. We understand the needs of freight customers and clients to update the status of freight.
Everyone needs please contact us at the following address: vientinads@gmail.com.
We are honored to be serving customers in recent days.
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The key customers The key customers

 The key customers

-The International Fertilizer Co. Five Star

Brand office Corporation Fertilizers and Chemicals oil and gas in Cambodia.
-Public Transport Corporation Vung Tau Petroleum (PVTrans)
There are also customers of wheat, cassava, fodder ....
All goods are shipped between Cambodia-Vietnam
About the company About the company
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